Goblin Performing “Demons” @ Wealthy Theatre

Goblin Performing "Demons" @ Wealthy Theatre


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Date Wednesday, October 11
Doors @ 7:00 pm


Composer Claudio Simonetti has written and recorded some of the most influential scores and soundtracks in horror, including SuspiriaDawn of the Dead, Deep Red / Profondo Rosso,Tenebre, and many others, with his seminal work still informing the genre to this day. This year, Simonetti’s Goblin celebrates Dario Argento’s 1985 classic, Demons, with a live performance of the score set to a screening of the movie. Following the finale of the film, the collective will return after a brief intermission to deliver an additional performance of quintessential Goblin material and “best of” songs and scores set to their cinematic counterparts.”

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