Read Before Submitting a Booking Request

Please read the following before submitting a booking request, as our “booking staff” is actually just one person and the volume of requests she receives already is enormous.

First things first: The Pyramid Scheme primarily books national bands or local bands that have a following. Opening slots are limited (most nationals bring their own support) or reserved for bands that we feel are working hard in Grand Rapids and beyond.

Thank you!

Have some information to submit

Please have a date (or a range of dates) in mind, some idea of who will be performing or what will transpire. Be aware that the calendar starts filling up around 90-120 days in advance–weekends especially.

When contacting us, please also include the following:

  • Show history in the area (where have you performed recently? with whom? how much were tickets? how many were in attendance?)
  • Which shows have you seen here at The Pyramid Scheme? Why do you think you’d be a good fit?
  • Do you have a promotional plan in mind? What is your expected attendance for the event?

Support opportunities

Sometimes touring bands request a professional local act to join the bill to help promote the show and bring people in. In these cases, we use OPNR to organize submissions for opening slots (OPNR is statewide so use it to submit all over Michigan!)

Please sign up at to be contacted for future support slot opportunities.

Cover Bands/Tributes

We only book Tribute Shows in house and these shows benefit area non-profits.

Contacting Us

If you have read and understand the above, e-mail us at ALL INQUIRIES are handled through this e-mail address. Please don’t send us a promo package in the mail. Save a stamp and a tree, and please save us from clutter!

Your subject line should include the date(s) you are interested in and some sort of description of the event or band name. Please don’t make the subject “show” or “booking” or something equally vague. If you do not follow this requirement, your email will not be opened.

Include links to websites, music, video, etc.

Let us know if the dates are flexible or if this is part of a tour.

We receive countless submissions on a daily basis so we can’t promise a reply. However if we like what we hear we will be in touch.