CANCELED: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque: Farewell Tour 2020

CANCELED: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque: Farewell Tour 2020


Below you can find the event details to CANCELED: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque: Farewell Tour 2020. Also check out our FAQ page.

Date Monday, May 4
Doors @ 7:00 pm
Costs $15 – $25


Due to concern regarding the COVID-19 situation, this event has been canceled, and will not be rescheduled.  Refunds will be automatically issued for anyone who purchased online, and if you purchased in person, please for a refund.  Show empathy to your friends who are in the service or event industry, buy merch from bands if you can, and just support small businesses however you can in this difficult time.
Formed in 2004 by Rachel Finan and Corey Ruffin out of the ashes of a weekly poetry night at a homeless shelter/coffee house where punks and art students would warble homemade tunes and recite monologues for a dazed crowd of heroin users and people just trying to get out of the cold, SHFB grew into a monthly theatrical production in their home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  5 years of avant garde burlesque and theater involved numerous police raids on their shows, vandalized homes and theaters from unruly small town locals who thought burlesque was live sex with caged animals, and more. In 2010 they decided to take the show national. After a successful $15,000 kickstarter campaign they bought a school bus, converted it into a circus-mobile, and began playing coast to coast.  Their particular brand of irreverent, sexy, and catchy musical theater is designed to find your line and butt right up against it.  Recent tours include such shows as ‘Betsy DeVos, the Musical’, about our much maligned secretary of education, and the SexxxWarriorz; a space team of space prostitutes battling the efforts of the christian right to erase sex from the galaxy.
After 15 years of SHFB, and 10 of touring nationally, it is time to lay this beast to rest.  In spring of 2020 they take SHFB out one last time for their farewell tour, will you miss it or will you be one of the privileged to say that they were there?!

Want to attend?

68 Commerce SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 United States